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Internet marketing has evolved to a point that everyone is acutely aware of how difficult it can be to get ahead of the competition–especially when it comes to attorneys and their law firms. There are so many firms willing to pay top dollar to gain the most attention in their areas of practice, but what they’re missing is that no matter how much money you put it, you don’t always get what you pay for. In order for that to happen, you need a law firm marketing company with the expertise you need to rise above the competition.

Digital marketing for the law firm industry has shifted dramatically over the past few years, and if you’re going to keep up, you need the very best on your side. That’s where Radix Interactive comes in.


With all this talk of SEO, we should probably explain what it is and why you need it. SEO is the number one thing that will allow your law firm to be located online by the exact people needing your services. This is the optimization of your website for the keywords your potential clients are using on search engines like Google.

While some firms may be late to this party, most attorneys were quick to adopt and implement SEO due to the intensity of local competitors. Because of this and the various advancements that have been made over the years, successful SEO in 2019 requires that your site have responsive site design, strong content, citations, local optimization, and social media marketing. That’s where we rush in to save the day. Radix Interactive is a full service law firm digital marketing firm that specializes in SEO.

With over 15 years of experience in law firm digital marketing, we have the knowledge and skills to take your firm to the next level with the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies. Count on Radix Interactive to implement the necessary steps to guarantee you success.


Learn the in-and-outs of your firm

In order to effectively increase your visibility, we must fully understand your target audience. Essentially, we must become one with your clients, and we consider this to be imperative to the success of your marketing campaign.

Because of this, every marketing campaign begins with a deep analysis of your site’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as a peek into the success your competitors are seeing. This includes interviews with you regarding your goals, learning who your competitors are and what you can do to top them, and identifying local optimization efforts.

SEO Auditing

Our team of experts will perform an in-depth audit of your website. We do this in order to gain clarity regarding your current SEO situation and so we can have a better understanding of the scope of work needed to achieve your goals. In this step, we’ll look into your citations, backlinks, current rankings, your Google My Business account, site content, on-page SEO and competitive analysis.

We then compile these findings in a report and send it over to you. This report will include the details of reasons we’re seeing for why you website is not ranking as well as it should be, as well as a detailed map for your digital marketing campaign.

Keyword Research

Our next step for your firm’s SEO campaign is the identification of relevant keywords for your practice. Based on the provided information, we’ll start the process of looking for new keyword possibilities and even keyword variations. Keyword variations are alternative terms your clients may be using when searching for attorneys within your practice area.

Identifying as many additional phrases or keywords as possible can mean significant advancements for your law firm. Our detailed keyword research methods enable us to have a deeper understanding of the most-commonly used phrases amongst your target audience. Using this framework, we are also able to determine how profitable a keyword may be for your firm. Because of this effort, we are able to save time and money on unqualified leads.

Optimization of Content

It’s a common misconception that you can simply put a dozen different keywords into one page of content and suddenly rank for all of them. This is completely inaccurate and severely decimates the need for effective content. Essentially, if you mix unrelated concepts within one piece of content, Google will only end up confused (as will your readers!). In order to avoid this, we create long-format practice pages and consistently unique blog content that aligns with your firm’s areas of practice.

During the discovery phase, we’ll note any discrepancies between the target keywords and the content you currently have. Every keyword that does not have adequate content attached to is a keyword you’re losing out on. Because of this, all content that we create for your site is formatted for maximum conversion and readability, optimized by our team of experts, as well as promoted through all social media platforms your firm has.

On-page Optimization

Next, we’ll build out the strongest possible SEO foundation for your site. This process is typically referred to as “on-site SEO” or “technical SEO”. Throughout this tedious process, we are committed to improving every single aspect of your onsite SEO ranking factors that will determine your site’s success in the search engines.  This includes the optimization of meta titles and descriptions, site URL structure, location information and image files, as well as sitemap creation and submission, fixing broken links, configuring internal links, and page speed analysis/optimization.

Local SEO

To ensure your law firm’s local presence is firmly established, we optimize every single detail contained in your local information. As a local business, you need to be well-optimized in order to be found by local searches and keywords. We always ensure that your firm maintains an accurate, consistent, reputable presence within the local searches. This includes Google My Business page optimization, review generation strategies, citation consistency, spam fighting, and local link and citation building.

Link Building

It’s a cold hard fact that sites with better backlinks will always be higher in the rankings. Because of this, Radix Interactive focuses heavily on the implementation of backlinks in your law firm digital marketing campaigns. We use only authoritative, white-hat links on your site, and will comb through the sites of your competitors to identify any potential link building opportunities.

Every backlink source we utilize guarantees authority without ever negatively impacting your firm’s reputation. Additionally, we use many other ethical link building strategies such as business directory memberships, blogging, and more. This practice is what sets good SEO apart from great SEO. Strong backlink profiles are necessary if you’re wanting your site to rank well in competitive arenas.

Analytics & Reporting

Throughout our work with you, we will continue analyzing your data via regular reporting and provide you these to demonstrate the improvements in your firm’s search visibility. Initially, we’ll install Google Analytics and set up rank tracking software that will collect the necessary information and metrics. Radix does these reports monthly, so you can always be up-to-date on where your site is sitting. They will show you keyword rankings, online leads that were generated and where they originated, as well as your Google Analytics traffic trends. These are easy to read and understand, but we are also always available to help you understand them better.

Ongoing SEO

Overtime, the SEO process becomes more about maintenance, analysis, and iteration because there’s no such thing as being done when it comes to SEO. Google is constantly changing their algorithms, so we’re constantly shifting the strategies we’re employing to ensure our clients are always right where they need to be. Additionally, we do reputation management through review monitoring, traffic analysis and tests, optimization and tweaks, and continued content production.

Our Strategy is Your Success

Nowadays, you can no longer get by with a simple sign out in front of your office, twiddling your thumbs as you wait for those in need of your legal services. However, you also cannot dive in without a focused strategy; that’s just a waste of money. Using the internet to gain clients is the new billboard on the side of the road, or daytime television commercial. It’s worth the investment, but only if you have a firm plan in place.
At Radix Interactive, we know that any marketing strategies must set you apart from your competition and gain you recognition as an authority in your field. Your law firm needs a compelling and aggressive law firm marketing plan that defines the path you’re headed down. Every single strategy your business employs must be well planned and thoroughly researched. 2019 is a major year for law firms using modern marketing strategies, and Radix Interactive is committed to getting you there.

What Are You Waiting For?

We’re acutely aware of the number of law firm digital marketing companies out there looking for attorneys like you, making promises they can’t keep. Our team of experts specialize in being forward-thinking and deeply creative, getting fast results for your law firm. Uniquely, attorneys have competition coming from every direction, so it’s not a subject we take lightly when it comes to our campaign strategies. We tailor our techniques to your specific needs and niches, and have the knowledge you require for an effective digital marketing campaign. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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