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Modern, Responsive Websites for Attorneys & Law Firms

Who Are We?

Radix is a full-service digital marketing agency tailor-made for law firms. Our team of experts have the expertise to do everything from web development to site design to SEO, which gives our clients the ability to get everything done in one place.

What Can We Do For You?

In  order to find success in the search engines and amongst your potential clients, your website needs to be attractive, informative and easy to navigate. With over 15 years of experience, we have the ability to showcase your firm’s unique strengths in an appealing, engaging way. Never underestimate the impact a professional, modern website can have on a potential client.


Our WordPress website developers are fluent in the needs of law firms and their sites. We know that you must stand out from the crowd with a site that is expertly optimized and quick with a sleek, elegant aesthetic. 2019 has been the year of speed and response on mobile devices, and this shows no sign of being any different in the near future. Our team of experts can get your site where it needs to be, and have your firm booming in no time. These are just some of the things we can do for your site:

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition?

While there are many law firm website designers vying for your attention, we’re one of the only one’s around providing full-service design and support. What we do differently is ensuring that our design aspects turn your visitors into clients and that the search engines fall in love with your site. Radix designs websites for law firms who require something gorgeous for the clients with the functionalities that keep the search engines happy.

Because of our years of experience working with lawyers in the most competitive fields in the largest cities in the country, we know exactly what it takes to rank well in the search engines. In this time, we’ve established ourselves as cutting-edge leaders in law firm website design, providing our clients with top-of-the line creations.


Interview & Market Research

Consider this the jumping off point. The first date, if you will, where we learn everything possible about your firm. We need to know who your target audience is, what you’d like to see on your site, and what results you’re hoping for. Working together, we will learn the ins-and-outs of your office, and design something completely tailored to you. 

What makes us different from other design companies is our commitment to researching every pertinent aspect of your firm. We know that simply making something appealing does not mean that it is functional or useful. If a client lands at your site, we want them to stay.

The most important factor in designing a website that converts is understanding exactly what the market looks like. Through observing your competition, we can help establish what can make you even more successful. Our goal is for your site to be a client’s final click.

Content Creation & Assets

Using the information collected, we will build the framework of your site with content and detailed organization that will result in maximum conversions, increased trust and visibility, as well as exude the expertise your firm has. 

It’s important that your site be organized in a logical way that shows you have the ability to solve the visitor’s problem. This is crucial to the success of a law firm website, and you should convey this in a way that surpasses your competition.

During this phase, we will also ask you to send us any photography, accolades and awards, or any other essentials you’d like displayed on your site. These can increase your credibility and build trust with your intended audience.

Development & Coding

Once site structure and basic content is in place, we’re able to begin working on your firm’s visual branding. This may be something that is already well-defined for your firm, or it could be something that you need help solidifying. Using mood boards, collages and sites you find pleasing can help you establish a vision for your brand.

Our design and development moves much quicker than many other companies. This is because we get the bones in place via coding immediately following the approval of each design. This saves significant time—sometimes up to weeks of waiting.

We almost exclusively use WordPress to build our sites. This gives our clients the ability to easily make changes whenever they want to, without the requirement of any technical knowledge.

Issue Testing & Corrections

Once we’re done with the coding portion, we will check every single page for spelling/grammar, bugs, and other issues that need to be corrected. 

Additionally, we will look for any problems that are not visible to the naked eye, but do apply to the major search engines. This includes tests run on various devices including mobile devices, desktops and laptops, and different OS’s.

At this point, we will also test the overall performance of your site. Speed is our number one factor we’ll be seeking out, and we always optimize to get your visitors there as quickly as possible. This can be up to under a second of loading time.

Site Launch & Marketing Strategies

When it comes time to launch your new site, you’ll have the option to host your own site or we can do it for you. As soon as we get your stamp of approval, we will take the site live to make its debut to the world. 

For those clients that choose to have Radix host and manage their sites, it will be put on a high-performance server with the most up-to-date technology available. This ensures that your site is always as speedy as possible.

Once we go live, it’s time to begin your firm’s marketing campaign. You can choose to DIY this, but we highly recommend our services because we’re already educated on your business wants and needs, and it’s a fluid transition. We will get started immediately should you choose to go with us.


Will I own my website once it’s finished?

After your site has been paid for, it is yours for good. It will not be held hostage and you will never be charged for add-ons that you don’t want/need.

Can I count on my site to be quick?

Due to recent Google algorithm updates, speed is now considered to be a ranking factor, is important that attorneys and law firms pay attention to how fast their sites are. However, we’ve cared about site speed for years, even before Google cared. This means that our sites are inherently built for speed using top-of-the-line technology. We strive for our sites to load in under a second, making us quicker than 90% of the sites currently out there.

Is it pre-made websites you use?

If you’re a client on a tight budget or very short on time, we can absolutely provide a pre-made site. However, most of our designs are totally unique to your law firm, ensuring that your unique vision shines through.

Do you provide hosting?

Yes, we do. We use a cloud-based server that is very fast and optimized specifically for WordPress sites. We only host sites that we personally manage, so you do not need to worry about security issues.

What is the cost?

This is dependent on the scope of the work you would like done, but our prices usually hover around $2500. This will vary based on certain factors, such as the size of the project and the details of what you’d like implemented. 

We offer discounts for clients who need both digital marketing services, and a custom website.

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